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The Best Is Yet To Come!

If you were encouraged today, what could you do tomorrow?

The Best Encore Ever

I went to a concert with Josiah, my 15 year old guitar playing, song writing son, to inspire his musical imagination.  The performance was spectacular.  The audience was moved by his performance and gave him a standing ovation.  I saw the artist look around as they cheered him on. He was taking in the appreciation.  With an inspired grin on his face he said “Would you mind if I played some new songs I have never played in public before?”  The audience response of cheers, clapping and shouts told him it was a safe place to go for it.    He launched into an encore of 6 or 7 original songs.  His energy level peaked.  Everyone was blown away.  His encore was better than the concert.

That experience defined for me what an “Encore” really is. For the rest of my life, I will remember the power of encouragement that inspires someone to bring out their best.

Encore Day Personal Coaching is about encouraging you to give your best performance yet.  If you would like to experience encouragement that affirms your identity and motivates your heart to take action that moves you closer to your destiny, contact us today so you can get started on your ENCORE DAY!