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About Us

Don Albers is a Personal Coach in Red Deer, Alberta, where he operates a Coaching and Organizational Development Business, Encore Day.

A major change took place in Don’s life when he was 18 and the family farm went broke during the high interest rates of the early 1980’s.  Don cried out to God asking what he was going to do with his life as his hopes of farming were gone.  God answered Don by stirring his interest to work with young offenders.  Don followed God’s stirring by taking a training position at a Young Offenders Ranch in Headley, B.C.  It was here where Don first heard God telling him, “I can use you working with people.”

God knew what Don was made for.  Don responded to God’s call by making the commitment “I will go where you ask me to go, do what you ask me to do, when you ask me to do it.”  The first 3.5 years were exciting as Don served in Youth for Christ by pioneering a new YFC chapter in Lacombe, Alberta, and hosting large youth events in the city of Red Deer.

To learn more about discipleship, God led Don and his wife Shauna to stretch their faith by leaving their secure jobs to join YWAM for 4.5 years.  Here, they both served in the School of Biblical Studies in Nuneaton, England. Here they taught University of the Nation’s students and outgoing missionaries, an Inductive Bible Study method.

When Don and Shauna returned to Red Deer, their calling became more focused and more challenging as God asked them to step into a church that had experienced brokenness.  In 2010, after pastoring for 10 years, Don left pastoral ministry and followed God into a new season where he would learn more about Organizational Development.   Don started his own consulting business and has worked for the past 8 years leading people to solve problems and bring order to chaos.

Over the years, Don has observed a common thread that has woven its way through his various assignments.  Don knows that his life’s calling is to engage people with a message of hope and encouragement by helping to facilitate problem solving and equipping people to be over-comers in the midst of their challenges and life’s chaos .  Don’s life influencing question is, “If you were encouraged today, what could you do tomorrow?”

Don has been happily married to his wife Shauna since 1987.  Don and Shauna are in the revolving door stage of life as their three adult children take turns coming home to regroup and refuel on their way to their next adventure.  When Don is not helping businesses become more efficient or coaching someone, he can be found in his Hot Rod Shop, building his 1935 Ford Truck.  Don also enjoys dirt biking, which has become the family hobby.


– Don Albers