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About Encore Day



To encourage you to discover, experience and live out your best life


My personal coaching focus is to help you experience life changing transformation as you design your life and tackle action steps that empower you to do what you were made to do.


My coaching approach is to come alongside you by creating a relational “safe place” for you to accurately evaluate your current state, explore and identify where you want to be, discover the path and ability to get there, and through encouragement and accountability empower the significant life changing steps you desire to take to get there.

Heart Transformation:

There are times where the discipline of forming goals and creating action steps just isn’t enough.  The change we seek to make is often hindered by deeply rooted aspects of our identity and our beliefs.  When that happens, there is an opportunity to tune into the deeper areas of the heart, and experience Jesus’ healing in the place of our emotions, beliefs and identity, and letting Jesus fill our desires so that freedom to change comes as our will, beliefs and desires become aligned.