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Don Albers is a certified Encounter Coach Trainer with Leadership Metaformation.

My goal is to equip you with practical and powerful ministry skills so that you can coach others to encounter Jesus who transforms hearts.

If you are interested in Encounter Coach Training, email your request to

Contact us to hear about On-Line training options as in person courses are currently be postponed due to Covid restrictions.

Encore Day presents 4 Encounter Coaching Workshops

Foundations of Encounter Coaching

Foundations of Encounter Coaching introduces you to the values, heart and skills of a Christian coach. Learn foundational techniques that underlie all types of coaching. Practice skills like setting goals, developing options, action steps, intuitive listening, and asking powerful questions. Discover how to lead others to have encounters with Jesus that create personal transformation. Learn coaching fundamentals, then see them illustrated in coaching demos. Watch the coaching process modeled for you. Then you’ll get a chance to practice your new skills in live practice sessions, where you’ll coach and be coached by your peers. The course is built around the book, Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus.

Transforming the Heart

This course explores the Biblical view of how the heart works and Jesus’ approach to how people change. Discover deeper intimacy with Jesus through powerful, heart level conversations with Jesus. Experience deep change and inner renovation in the midst of incredible intimacy and approval—from both God and your teammates. Transforming the Heart helps you experience transformation and learn effective and powerful techniques for transforming others. The course is built around the book, The Invitation by Tony Stoltzfus.

Living From the Heart

This course explores the way God speaks to us through our life circumstances. Explore how God is for us, how God redeems our circumstances to form us and how His plan is a process. Learn how to cooperate with and engage in what God is already doing in your life. Discover how to engage God in what is happening to us. Learn how engaging God moves us towards God’s purpose and our destiny. Using tools like the calling timeline, dig into your life and find the hand of God all over it. Learn how to coach others in finding God in all of life. Master powerful transformational coaching techniques that bring God’s perspective to difficult situations.

Relating From the Heart

This course explores the way God uses others to speak to our hearts. One of the primary ways God builds us and gets our attention is through hearing words of life from the body of Christ. Learn communication skills like challenging forward instead of confronting, speaking to blind spots, healthy feedback, speaking words of life, and more. This course will revolutionize your relationships. Practice these tools in amazing intimacy with your peers in training. Relating from the Heart will greatly deepen your experience of God as you interact with others.