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Life coaching is the art of helping people, like you, make the kind of changes that will move them from where they are to where they want to be, without telling them what to do. Coaches provide an empowering relationship that enables others to navigate transitions, hurdle obstacles, set clear goals and priorities for their life, and create practical plans and action steps to get them to where they want to go.

Coaching as a discipline brings many wonderful skills and tools to a relationship to “pull the gold” out of people…to see them grow and maximize their potential. From intuitive listening to powerful questions, coaching is aimed at empowering individuals in becoming more intentional and proactive in the journey toward realizing their personal goals and dreams.


At first glance you might ask, what is the difference between coaching and counseling, mentoring or consulting? Counseling is typically focused on helping hurting people move toward wholeness, where coaching is focused on helping people who are basically whole maximize their lives. Mentors give wise advice based on their experience, whereas coaches help others draw from their own reservoir of insight and ability for making decisions and taking action. Counseling and consulting tend to lean on diagnostic and prescriptive approaches to helping people, whereas coaching pulls on the experience and potential of the individual.

Underlying, the coaching approach is a basic belief in the potential of the individual. More often than not, the biggest obstacle to our goals and dreams isn’t knowing what to do; it’s possessing the confidence to do it. Coaches bring this basic belief to a coaching relationship and are able to help others without telling them what to do.

Do you:

  • Feel stuck or stalled out in life but really desire to change life and move forward?
  • Want to solve a problem at the root cause level rather than repeating the same broken cycle over again?
  • Struggle with inner turmoil and brokenness resulting from painful past experiences?
  • Are you experiencing the fog of a transitional season and need to identify the life lessons and find the path forward?
  • Have dreams but want help discovering the best way to realize them?


Do you wish to:

  • Unload that emotionally charged response that gets in the way of loving others?
  • Experience deep, inner healing that frees you up, making change possible?
  • Experience a healed self-image and uncover and discover your identity?
  • Experience the joy and freedom of living with your deepest desires filled up?
  • Become clearer and more confident in your unique design, calling and destiny?
  • Become a greater reflection of the heart of Christ for others?
  • Become better equipped for assisting others in their journey and life development?
  • Navigate life’s journey well, particularly in times of significant pain, transition, and challenge?
  • Get the most out of your current season of life regardless of what is happening?

If these descriptions stir something in your heart, then I may just be the coach for you. Contact me today and let’s explore that possibility.

If you were encouraged today, what could you do tomorrow?

It’s your turn for an ENCORE DAY!